Mu Cornell

I am Mu Cornell, the Purchasing Manager of Global Vision Eyewear. I had the pleasure of working with David during his time as the Creative Director here at Global Vision.

Being a fashion oriented company, it is essential to have a desirable looking catalog and marketing collateral. Photography of the products, as well as catalog layout are an essential part of our business. David’s professionalism, talent and ideas have brought us to the next level. Instead of just pictures of products in the catalogs, David has created stories behind them to make them more appealing to our customers.

In addition to his professional skills, David is a friendly person to work with. He seems to always be in a happy mood and encourages others to be as well. He has been part of many team projects with us and was known to be a great contributor and problem solver.

Having had the opportunity to work with David I know that he is a dedicated, creative and highly skilled person. I can assure you that he would be a great addition to your team. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

Mu Cornell
Purchasing Manager, Global Vision Eyewear