Jeffery Kassian

My name is Jeffrey Kassian. For nine years I was the sales manager for Global Vision Eyewear, in charge of our team of sales representatives and international eyewear customers. I have known David for the two years we worked together at Global Vision.

David’s primary responsibility was to prepare the many catalogs that we produced for the many eyewear lines that we carried: our polarized line of sunglasses, biker eyewear, industrial safety eyewear, and our fashion-forward eyewear.

When David began working at Global Vision, our catalogs looked more like weekly advertisements in the Sunday paper. David brought his vision and creativity and changed the whole look and feel of what our product line was. He did a fantastic job at selling the story and lifestyle that the glasses represent. His catalogs go above and beyond describing simply the features of the glasses with product photos.

The change was felt enterprise wide, both inside the office, with a great feeling of pride in the product line, as well as outside, as my sales representatives finally had a workable tool that made selling the product line easy. One needs only to compare the catalogs before David arrived, and after he began adding his creative solutions to the catalogs and product storyline.

David worked independently with absolute minimal guidance, and with little to no creative support. He initiated, produced and edited his own photo shoots. He opened a studio at the corporate headquarters which we never had previously. He did so many things behind the scenes that helped support and promote the story the catalogs told, including creating trade show booth designs and monthly newsletters.

David never let himself become drawn into company drama, but focused solely on creative tasks meant to improve the business. He always showed the highest level of professionalism. As a former co-worker of David McGowan, I give you my assurance that he will add to your team what he brought to Global Vision: Vision, Creativity, Quality and Professionalism.

Jeffery Kassian
Sales Associate, ADK Electric